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You can preserve your child’s art or writings just for the memories, or exhibit it to the world with colorful high-quality picture books.

Are you overwhelmed by your creative kid’s art?

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Do they love writing?

Pablo Picasso 

“ Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”"

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Preserve & Promote your Child's Art.

Our user-friendly guide walks you through our simple but detailed tutorials on how best to take shadow- and glaze-free photos of your art and share with us via the cloud.( Onsite photography available on request)

Our Simple 3 steps Process!

We’ll provide a private online project area just for you to get the latest updates as well as collaborate with our dedicated team. We recommend art subject categories and labels best suited to your art. The art-book will be available for download on Amazon, B&N and Google Books. 

A final proof will be made available to you before we print and ship to you. We can list your books on Amazon at your request. You’ll also get a special link you can share with family and friends who want to purchase additional copies.

1. Photograph & send in your art.

2. Get access to your Project space

3. Get the book delivery 

Hand Paintings of Kids

Oil & water color brush paint

Paper Cut Art

Type of Arts for Picture Book  

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, enhance your images and remove blurs from your photos.

A high-quality and organized layout that makes the art picture or story book come alive.

Professional layout

       What's Included ?

Image Enhancement

Have our talented creative writing team pen compelling shorts, transforming your pictures into stories.Or our design team can add stock images to the text.

When you work with us, you receive a free e-book version which you can view on Kindle as well as a hardcover copy.

Ebook & Hardcover Book

Add story or images

You get a totally free video showcasing your art or story that you can share with family and friends.

We will create a custom URL which you can share with friends and family to share your books. 

Custom Video

Distribution & Listings

Schools and Colleges that produce ART yearbook for every grade-year for fundraisers. It is a great add-on for any ART based competitons.

Who else can use Story or Art Books?

Make your summer and winter camps creative and fun with colorful art books. Preserve their creativity by converting their art into books.

This is also great for children’s agencies that can organize fundraisers where donors may buy art books drawn by the kids which would make excellent personalized gifts

Schools & Colleges

Kids Camps & Art Class

Children's Hospital

Few overjoyed Parents

Celebrate your child's art & writings. Create memories.

And you never know, your child might be the next Picasso!  

Work with us and bring your kid's ideas to life - set up a discovery call!

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